How to Weight Control During Pregnancy. Specially Pregnant women Must Read this Article.

How to Weight Control During Pregnancy. Specially Pregnant women Must Read this Article.

○ ○ Be careful of overweight ○ ○
It is said that "I have to eat up to the baby's stomach" is the old-fashioned story of poor nutrition. Now we have to be careful not to gain too much weight. Excessive weight gain may lead to pregnancy addiction. In addition, fat is attached to the inside of the pelvis and around the birth canal, and it may become so-called “hard labor” when giving birth.

However, if you are concerned about weight gain or care about your postpartum shape, it is also dangerous not to get the nutrition you need. There are also nutrients that are especially needed during pregnancy to protect maternal health for the development of the baby. The most important thing is to take care not to be overweight while getting enough nutrition through a well-balanced diet.

● Standard according to the body type ●

Generally, weight gain during pregnancy is said to be about 7 to 10 kg. However, this figure also differs depending on the person's pre-pregnancy (non-pregnant) type. As a guide to know your body type and to estimate your ideal weight during pregnancy, there is a figure called BMI (Body Index). If the weight is 58 kg and the height is 160 cm, then 58 ÷ (1.6 × 1.6) = 22.656255622.7 or 22.7. Use this number to know your physical type (either lean, standard, or obese), and use the corresponding increase during pregnancy as a guide.

Estimated weight gain during pregnancy
Less than 18.5 (thin) → 9 to 12 kg
18.5 to less than 25 (standard) → 7 to 12 kg
25 or more (obese) → approximately 5 kg

How to Weight Control During Pregnancy. Specially Pregnant women Must Read this Article.

● Breakdown of weight gain during pregnancy ●
The weight of the baby when born is about 3 kg on average. If weight gain during pregnancy is 7 to 10 kg, what is the other weight? For example, the breakdown when 10 kg is increased is considered as follows.

The fetal body weighs 3 kg, the placenta and amniotic fluid, the amount of blood and water needed to grow the fetus is 3 to 4 kg, and the amount of stored energy fat needed for childbirth and breast milk secretion is 3 to 4 kg. If you are a little obese from before pregnancy, the stock amount is originally 3 to 4 kg, so the increase due to pregnancy is only the amount (5 to 7 kg) such as the increase of the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid. is.

● A balanced diet ●
Be careful with the contents of your diet so that you do not gain too much weight, and that you have enough nutrition.
The next thing is important for that
Take three meals properly on the 11th
2 Eat nutritional balance thinking
3 Do not take too much salt
4 Incorporate into the menu conscious of protein, iron and calcium

Modern people tend to have a light breakfast and plenty of dinner. You will often eat snacks and instant food for snacks and supper. I would like to review these eating habits. If you eat well in the morning and noon, you can prevent over-cooking snacks and dinners. Proper eating habits also help prevent future lifestyle-related diseases (such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Save sweets and fats to prevent weight gain. Please devise a cooking method that does not use oil, such as boiling, grilling with steam or steaming.

● Be careful when taking too much salt ●
Taking too much salt can cause swelling and high blood pressure, leading to pregnancy poisoning.
Keep salinity below 10 g a day.
The points are as follows.
☆ The soup of ramen and udon is left, and the rice with taste such as pilaf is also visible over the next five days.
☆ For seasoning, use vinegar, lemon, spice, and spices instead of salt and soy sauce. You can taste the simmered dish and the soup well if you take it well.

(Use iron to prevent anemia)

The nutrients we want to actively take during pregnancy are good protein, iron and calcium. Iron, in particular, is a major source of anemia during pregnancy. Foods rich in iron, foods rich in vitamin B6, B2, folic acid, and copper also help prevent anemia.

● Food that you usually want to take more than ●
☆ Protein
The most important source of nutrition for creating the fetal body. Let's eat meat, fish, beans and soy products (tofu, natto etc.) firmly.
☆ Calcium
Milk and dairy products (low-fat milk and sugar-free yogurt are recommended) combined 400-500 g a day. Small fish, soy, seaweed, green and yellow vegetables.
☆ Iron content
It is indispensable for anemia prevention. Pork liver, eggs, tuna, bonito, oysters, clams, clams,
Spinach etc.
☆ Vitamins
With plenty of different types every day. Above all, let's actively eat vegetables that contain a large amount of folic acid. There are spinach, broccoli and shungiku.
☆ Dietary fiber
To prevent constipation. beans. Soy products, mushrooms, potatoes, potatoes such as potatoes, root vegetables such as radish and burdock, konbu.

● A device to get rid of morning sickness ●
It is morning sickness, nausea, and loss of appetite early in pregnancy. Some individuals have large individual differences and want to eat something they generally dislike. Many people worry that if they can't eat they can not grow their baby, but in the early pregnancy period (up to around 12 weeks) they grow sufficiently with the energy stored in the female body.

○ Let's devise the following at the time of morning sickness ○
* Avoid getting hungry ... Prepare food at the bedside so that you can get in the square as soon as you wake up. Bring candy etc. at work.
* Little by many times ... regardless of time, divide it into many times. It is OK to finish regular eating after having finished eating.

Change the environment ... Sometimes by eating out.

● Be careful of movement and posture ●
As the body gets bigger, the weight of the body moves to the front, so it tends to be a sleigh when trying to balance. The posture with the back turned places a burden on the waist. Be careful about your posture and movements to prevent back pain.

● For a healthy everyday
Pregnancy is not a disease, but various changes occur in the body. While keeping in tune with your physical condition, try to "save a little more than usual" and "save a little more than usual" and spend every day without overdoing it.

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