The doctor who cured his heart disease through diet, now told this method to everyone 2019

The doctor who cured his heart disease through diet, now told this method to everyone 2019. 

Generally speaking, London (Monitoring Desk) is commonly said that 'dieting is better than treatment.' Now a British doctor has also provided evidence of his heart disease by treating the diet. According to the mail online, Dr. Rupp Ojla says, "I am aware of the fact that diet changes can be treated due to changes in food, because I have tried this resort myself. There was a heart attack.

On which I have changed my diet. I drained refined sugarcane and refined carbohydrates, and also reduced the use of protein-made proteins. Instead, I came to the Mediterranean Diet, which contains most vegetables and fruits. With Mediterranean Diet, I started using cereals, seeds, dried vegetables, blue berries, good and standard greasy and oil, and my heart got over in a few moments.

"Dr. Rappi says," I have 12 years I believe in diet treatments since the age of age, but I did not know much about that again. After becoming a doctor, I began to research on the treatment of various diseases through food and those who suffer from other diseases including my cancer and joints of the pain, suggested changes in their diet on which they were very positive. 

                          The doctor who cured his heart disease through diet, now told this method to everyone 2019

Today I can say that spinach and other similar green green leaves are the best treatment for mental illness. Garlic is the best way to increase force. Blueberry is the best thing for heart disease, walnut infections, tomato cancer, dairy bacteria and carcass deficiency and other eye diseases. "   

Weight loss pills side effects in 2019

Talking with your doctor can help you to know that prescription grade weed pills are worse than the side effects associated with obesity. But when OTC is facing additional weight loss items, most of the risks are more than the rewards. With death, here are 6 Cons or disadvantages of pills,

You had to face your mind ????

Drugs of work work so that you can increase the burning energy.
He said that they are artificially handling your heart rate, these drugs can lead to heart failure (arrhythmia) and harm or damage.
"You can also harm the heart muscles," he added. All these can attack you on the road to heart attack or heart disease.

Do you recognize the risk of a stroke ?????

Dr. Kahn says, "In general, many of them [are found in additional quantity of weight loss] are stimuli, so they encourage the heart to pump faster." "The risk of such type is increasing blood pressure, which can cause a stroke or blood in the brain."

If you are taking the OTC submission then these side effects are concerned about you. The doctor says that excess weight loss is excessively unorganized. Even if you do not have problems with the appendix in the past, even if there may be a lot of component in the next batch, you might possibly face problems before it.

Your accessories will not work properly ???

Spreads toxic substances, and contribute to stabilizing your blood sugar. .
The research works on it. A 2011 study from Mountain Sena Medical Center in New York provides "fat burner" food supplements - a type that contains some herbal and tree-related ingredients - severe liver can cause toxic and failure. Says Dr. Maveed, "Your liver needs to be dealt with the ingredients and chemical community when you take these things, and it can cause enzymes to be poisonous." Research has also included some weight loss drugs with hepatitis, a form of liver inflammation which can lead to permanent damage. Related: Physical equipments are known as "legal strokes" risking your health

Your face will be red ???

According to a study, a weight loss compound called US dollar and European weight loss adds an increased amount of US and European weight loss, but it sells "dangerous chemical" online I still change the amount of deficiency. Journal of Medical Tucology.

Again, your heart rate and metabolism causes loss by maximizing the revision. However, this study shows that the effect of the most common effects of DNP addition is a spoon due to a allergic reaction. The authors of study say skin skin is also possible due to the liver damage.

Your view has been reviewed ??

The same study shows that DNA can be identified by beads and can create problems with related perspectives. Thick Thick - Pollution on your eye lens - Due to the blood cell health and production changes, the DNA can develop quickly after the use of the DNA. The authors of study say that this point of view can be a permanent decrease, and may cause problems with light black thoughts as well.

High Speed   Disks & Head Riding In Your Expenses ??

Potentially labeled words can read words "extract green tea" - as "natural" and therefore is harmful.
Drinks Simple green tea is fine, but consumer reports refer to the "forever-to-escape" research in extracting green tea in its 15 substances components, adding that the ring in your ear, the poor iron, referring to the outer roof Absorption, high blood pressure, and liver damage. The fact sheet of a published consumer from the National Institute of Health also links many side effects to extract green tea.

Weight Loss Pills Dangerous in 2019

                                     The doctor who cured his heart disease through diet, now told this method to everyone 2019

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) A large number of calcium supplements can increase the risk of cancer like leprosy. This claim has emerged in a medical research in the US. The research of the University of Stats was reported in the form of daily supplements. Creating a thousand millimeters of calcium can be increased by the risk of cancer death. According to research, the risk of such anxiety increases in such individuals.

Those who do not suffer from vitamin D, but still eat calcium tablets. In the test, it has been discovered that many types of calcium use and negative effects such as certain types of effects are related to cancer risk. On the other hand, researchers Discovering that calcium in the nutritional form does not increase the risk of cancer, but using proper vitamins A, K., magnesium and zinc through diet reduces the risk of death. Factors assert that instead of supplements, foods It is more beneficial for the ingredient to make these ingredients a component of body. Earlier, medical research was done in the past.

Rats showed that the use of calcium supplements can increase the risk of diseases associated with blood vessels. Experts involved in this new research said that the result strengthens the idea that calcium supplements are used to use this part. It helps in enhancing, but the nutritional benefit of the body does not seem to be seen by the use of supplements.

During this research 27,000 people over 20 years of age use dietary supplements and various diseases. Relationship between mortality was reviewed. It has been found that large quantities of calcium supplements are available. Acne increases the risk of cancer. The researchers said that more research is required in this regard. The results of this research were published in the Medical Journal Journal Journal of Intellectual Medicine.
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