How Can Mango Protect you From Infection. !!@!!Must Read Experts Words in this Article 2019!!@!!

How Can Mango Protect you From Infection. !!@!!Must Read Experts Words in this Article 2019!!@!!

How Can Mango Protect you From Infection. !!@!!Must Read Experts Words in this Article 2019!!@!!
Experts According to the health of bacterial attack, it is possible that the body's outer laying arms (tissues) are weaker. The taste removes the weakness of the flavor, perfume, fragrant fruit molecule. Due to this protection The amount of vitamin A in the mango is a significant amount.
Summaries start that mothers start waiting, because mango is full of nutrition, nutrition and energy that is from the children of the same year to the elders.

Protect from mango infection ?

There are two things to be done in the mirrors mango. I am very sweet and sweet. I have a fruit that has made my own culture. They send gifts to each other in gifts. When Kuala Lumpur's voice comes  for the first time, then Amo's waiting begins. It is very harsh and comfortable for cooking this fruit. It is of a variety of types, such as two cows, specials, Sindhi, Chunsa, Samarjajan Kalan, Anwar Toll, Samar Rampur, Alansu and Lada.

Ami is cold and dry in its property; it also has the treasures of protein other than vitamins. At least hot and tiger mango are hot, but cooked fat enhances heart. It makes the body strong. Relaxed people who suffer from disease, mango foods open the obligation and the intensity of hunger increases.
Those who suffer from diarrhea should not eat mango. It takes color of the body but produces curd, so it should be used after eating or drinking milk so that the body does not increase and the energy remains constant.

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Mango's plant name Mangifera Indical is the vitamin C, nutrients, fiber cortins, and the fiber contained on the basis of fiber and biological ingredients.
WHO has said that every adult has used forty-four percent of use. The nutritious fiber found in the body is a good ability to prevent cancer from being increased .States in patients' diseases, rheumatism, acidity, and burning. Thickness is a mixture of men. Increases the diet .You have been found useful in many diseases or diseases.
Saves early from being old.

According to medical experts, it is full of ammunition E, with which humans are healthy and temperate. Vitamin releases the skin and protects the face from nutrients and nails on the skin. Vitamin C injection reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood. It contains vitamin A from the weakness of the vineyards .This fuels the fruit of the sun Saves also protects eyes from getting worse.
Protects from asthma
According to experts, the use of jogg mangers is more likely to reduce their chances of diarrhea.
1. Assistant cancer prevention

According to medical experts, antioxidants in the manglies reduce the risk of intestines and blood cancer. It is also considered effective against the glands 'glands' cancer .According to Horticulture experts, the molecule against coli or large intestinal cancer The main defensive weapon is that people who are eating foods have shown significantly low levels of cancer.

2. Useful for bone health
Experts say the use of mang is also protected from bone diseases, the calcium contained in it is strong. It contains the calcium bones present in it. People who eat more mangoids reduce the chances of weakness of bone before time.

3. Car Arrivals in Diabetes

According to research, 20 other ingredients besides vitamins A, B, C, and Fiber contained in the mole, which reduce blood circulation absorption of blood.
According to American experts, the amount of natural sweets available in mang is not harmful for sugar patients, but patients with a doctor should be consulted with the doctor's advice.
Required for system hygiene
The fiber contained as fibers also cleanses the intestines and helps the system keep the digestive in the right.
4. Useful for heart health

Experts say mango is a useful fruit for people with heart disease.
It contains potassium, fiber and vitamins in the heart's heart. It is helpful in controlling potassium blood pressure present in it.
Experts have said that mango is useful for human health
Amy is full of nutritional fruits. Drinking your milk by eating it increases its nutritional strength.
Especially helps in development of children.
Use of human body is useful.
The molecule is digestive. Increases hunger.
If the hose grows, honey is mixed with juice mixed with juice.
Mango skin shifts and increases the face of the face.
Mixing honey in the sweet mango juice mixture of fried veins.
Use of molecular and vomiting is useful.

Breaking the immortal water in the water increases your headache and pain.
Mixing two grams of gold in sixty mango juices, it is useful for the weakness of the patient.
The mango is the fruit of hot temperament, therefore, do not use milk with mango.
It is useful to eat some numbers of Jamana by eating mango. It improves the warm effect of mango.
Some unique and absorbent techniques are being provided.

5. Mango sauce

Items: Chopped pieces of rough mango include one kilograms, red pepper fifteen grams, lip masalah 30 grams, one kilograms of sugar, syrup 250 grams, salty flavor.
Recipes: Cut the peanut peel and mix the sugar well. Let's keep for an hour.
Take a custom cloth or bag.
Tie masalah and red pepper in it. Put them in a large spread pot. Put the plate and cook it on light gray. Even the water is dry and the pieces are relatively teared .Shake it again after adding a vinegar and take a buck .China is a sauce sauce prepared. (Pepper and lip can keep the amount of spices according to your taste.)

6. Mango's Puppet
Objects: A kilograms of mangoes (not cooked or tasted but medium), a kilograms of sugar, water customization.

Taste bait: Cut the mango peel by peeling mango. Bend mango with cloth cloth, and cook soaked in water that moist pieces should soften. Take lap and mango kill and kill them.
Prepare sugar and water customization. When the thickening becomes thick, put the mango and let it cook. After the fermentation, when three narrow leaves of the bowl are removed.

7. Molecule

Items: Mango pieces, one kilograms, methane ghee 125 grams, turmeric powder fifteen grams, salt 250 grams, 250 grams of clay, chilli pepper gram 15 grams, mustard oil (so that the mangoons are sown).
Recipes: Wash and cook raw and chopped mango (sauce) and make four to eight pieces. Keep the skin properly and keep it in the sun for four to five hours. When the pieces begin to sprinkle the water and remove green color of yellow, then remove it.

Warm sixty oils so that they do not boil. Take cholesterol and fenugreek thick thick coat. Mix all the spices well and apply well on pieces and mix them in a glass or sugar vessel. Put hot oil. Close it for at least fifteen days.
However, stay tuning on the other day. Keep oiling more oils as low as the amount of oil decreases.
Amy's comments
Items: 250 yogurt, cooked mango two numbers, Chinese custom.
Recipes: Mix mash with mash and mix it with sugar in the yard .Guests will give plenty of taste and nutrition with potatoes in rice and rainfall.
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