Proper diet during the day to lose weight. Proper nutrition for weight loss: the daily weight loss menu ?

Proper diet during the day to lose weight. Proper nutrition for weight loss: the daily 
weight loss menu ??
We offer a menu of daily meals for weight loss with recipes! These menu items and recipes will help you lose weight and help you to eat every day without problems!

Professional nutrition professionals have many enemies in the diet. Many experts are sure to make sure that your body is adjusted, and that your body does not nourish or nourish monosodium gluten. You need to be influenced not by the symptom of the problem, but by its cause. And in 90% of cases one reason is the way of life and nutrition!

Many people, especially women, have chronic diseases of the internal organs to get extra money without professionalism. I agree that this price is not very high and not precise. It does not mean that it should not be a beautiful figure, but it should not be, but it is wise and purposeful to do everything!

Principles of healthy diet
Based on the principles of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, you can not only achieve the desired results but, most importantly, your health! Of course, the outcome will not be quick, but it says that patience and hard work will be ready for anything!

Do not expect additional coins to last for months or even years to flow within a few days. Know that if someone promises you a momentary outcome, you are just a liar, a good one, or a serious threat. Whether you need it or not - solve your problem! You need to adjust your diet and lifestyle smoothly so that you do not have to be exposed to stress. Only by following correct nutritional principles you can normalize metabolic processes and easily bring your number to the right form!

Here are some of the basic principles of proper nutrition:

Fractional force. It is better not to eat in a sitting, but to eat less, but often!
Mandatory breakfast. Forget about a cup of coffee in an empty stomach. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day!
Dinner for dinner gives the enemy. That's right, it is not necessary. Lightweight dinner for 3 hours before lunch - perfect.

Our water is all. 1.5 - 2 liters of water - drinking a healthy person every day is very much.
The dessert is just sweet. Snack dessert - the most useless, even harmful food. Reducing low sugar and fast carbohydrates.
Reduce fruiting fatty foods, alcohol and salt from your diet.
More fibers. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Do not drink while eating. Was the food used to drink tea? It's time to get rid of this habit! Drinking is allowed after 15-20 minutes after meals.

Cook well. Do not swallow food, it does not complicate the digestive tract, but can also lead to stomach. The feeling of restoration may take a while after eating, so never eat during your meals.
At first glance, you need a lot of limitations and you need to follow similar rules. Doing deception! Remember, the main thing to start with. If it is difficult for you, it is not necessary to start looking at everything at once. Go from point to point in the category of "rules" to the "usual" category.

By following the principles of healthy diet you normalize the digestive and metabolic processes, bring the body to the tone, and fill it with energy. In addition, proper nutrition is the most important guarantee of weight loss without causing any health problems!

The principles of nutrition for weight loss
Not just the right diet, you need to follow the most important principle to lose weight - consuming less calories than you spend. Everything comes from this principle, and you need to create a menu from this principle.

If you eat 3000 kilocalories a day, ask yourself, "Do you have any extra physical activity? At least you have to be active and active. exercise, bring your ration to fit your allowed and prohibited foods, and slowly reduce the number of daily calories consumed.

Do not do it in one day, otherwise it will be a great stress for your body! Regularly, gradually adjust the diet until you lose weight.

Tariffs: Proper nutrition for weight loss

Chicken fillets - 200 g .;
  Onions - 50 g;
  Carrots - 100 g .;
  Taste Salinization;
  Enjoy the green.


Wash the refrigerator well in cold water;
Pour salt water, add salt, put on fire;
Put chicken fillets in boiling water, drain vegetables;
Boil at low temperature for 10-15 minutes;
Remove the elephants, grind them and serve with vegetables.


  Buckwheat - 1 bowl;
  Meatless fat - 450 g .;
  Onion - 2 pcs;
  Eggs - 2 pieces;
  Horseradish cream - 2 tbsp;
  Garlic - 1 walnut;
  Wheat flour - 3 tablespoon L.;
  Taste Salinization;
  Black pepper sprout in the ground;
  Pushing the sponge;
  Grape seed oil for roasting;

Boil rice;
Ground the onion, season with sugar and black pepper on the ground grind. Massively tighten;
We mix the fried mushrooms and fillings;
At the same time, boil the egg, smooth the middle dyes, cut garlic and dill, mix everything with creamy horseradish. Filling the received fish;
We made crustaceans, in which 1 tablespoon was filled;
Blind them and make them;
Roast beef with grape seed oil. We do this on a small fire on both sides. If necessary, cook the oven. Cute appetite!
Cabbage tax


  White cabbage - 500 g;
  Carrots - 1 pc;
  Tomatoes - 2 pcs;
  Processed cheese - 50 g;
  Smetana shape - 300 ml;
  Green - 1 sweater;
  Chicken egg - 4 pieces;
  Onion - 2 pcs;
  Allspice - 1 squeeze;
  Salt - 1 squeeze;


Wash cabbage and chop it;
Keep cabbage fried with oil and panda slightly;
We add the lime to a grill, then add the cabbage to the carrot removal;
Cut the syrup from the boiler, cut it well and add to the pan;
Wash the tomatoes and greens. Cut off your vegetables with small birds and tear off the greens. Add ingredients to the ingredients. We are roasting.
Smooth cream, egg and cheese shake in the container until good shake;
Pour the pan into the cooking pot and drain the resulting sauce. Cook in a 180 degree oven for 20 minutes. Cute appetite!
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If you lose too much weight and lose weight, the basis of this is first of all the right nutrition. You need to create a weekly menu for yourself, which should be closely monitored. Otherwise, you will always be tempted to eat what you have. In this article we have created a weekly menu for you based on balanced and accurate nutrition. It should be noted that this diet can not hurt your health, it's annoying and boring, and you can rely on it for a long time after you've achieved goals for weight loss.

Tips for weight loss ??

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