16 Ways to Lose a weight & Become Fit & Healthier and Look Beautiful !!Must Read Article 2019!!@!!

16 Ways to Lose a weight & Become Fit & Healthier and Look Beautiful !!Must Read Article 2019!!@!!

1. Drink water

Start your day with 1-2 glasses of water, which is warmer. Research proves drinking water early in the morning can help activate metabolism and eliminate toxins from within the body.

In addition, compared to other beverages, white water is also calorie-free. And since drinking water can help control hunger, it is advisable to drink 1 glass of water a few minutes before eating to prevent excessive consumption.

If you are bored with the taste of fresh water, you can add a piece of lemon to add flavor and freshness in it. You are also allowed to replace water with a healthy green tea to help lose weight.

16 Ways to Lose a weight & Become Fit & Healthier and Look Beautiful !!Must Read Article 2019!!@!!

2. Way after eating
After eating, there's no harm in slow-moving roads for 10 minutes to help burn calories as well as boost the digestive tract. Experts say active move after filling the stomach can help clear glucose from blood vessels because the glucose is taken by the muscles.

3. Serat (buah) sahabatku

Make fiber your best friend because this nutrient is not only healthy but also helps to manage the body. This is because fiber-rich foods can make the stomach feel full longer.

And because fibrous foods take longer to chew, there is enough time for the body to catch the signal that you are no longer in starvation mode.

The advantages of other high-fiber foods are less calories than other types of foods. If you find it difficult to multiply the fiber intake, do not hesitate to add the fruit as a 'pickle' or an opening menu (eg salad) every time you eat.

4. Eat at home

In addition to being more efficient, eating at home usually does not serve as much as you eat in the restaurant. This can prevent you from 'hungry eyes' for a variety of tempting menus.

In addition, food sold in restaurants usually contains high fat and calories, whether it's from the oil, the ingredients used, the process of processing it, and so on. And if the food in the restaurant is served in large portions, then you should also feel uncomfortable if you do not spend it.

In other cases at home, you can cultivate and eat your own portion of the desired meal. So if you want to be more slender, cut out the snack outside, limit it only once a week, bring it up while working, and feel the difference.

5. Reduce the salt

Not only in terms of the actual flavor, salt here also includes all snacks that are salty and sodium high. Usually salt is used to preserve food, but the nature of salt also binds water so it can make the body look bigger (bulging, swelling).

And since salt is 'opiate', then it can make you want to snack and snack more. One of the powerful ways to avoid salt is the holiday buying packed snacks or processed foods.

6. Run

Of the many types of sports, running is one of the most reliable exercises that you want to be lean. Not only burn calories, it can also reduce stress and suppress hunger hormones.

If all this time you are just a regular morning walk, start with jogging. When done in the same amount of time, run away more calories than the road. Experts also believe that the body burns calories up to 2 hours after you finish.

7. Push up and squat

If there is no time to jogging in the morning, then you can do push up or squat (squash-stand-dst). Just with a push up and squat for 15 minutes alone is enough to make you feel like doing an intense workout in the gym.

Not only experts in fat burning, both push ups and squats, both can also make arms and legs so slimmer.

8. Distinguish between hunger and thirst

Often when the body feels thirsty, we assume it is hungry. From now on, whenever you feel hungry, do not rush to grab food. Try to drink 1-2 glasses of water first. If hunger disappears after drinking, then the chances are you feel really just thirsty.

9. Do not eat during stress

Treating food as a purse for releasing pique can be a boomerang for diet programs. At the moment of stress, it's best to look for another escape whether by sleeping, exercising, playing with pets, breathe in fresh air, or socializing with friends.

10. Take control of yourself

When invited to a party that serves so much food, you should be tempted to try everything. It is not wrong as you try it a bit for this food and a bit too for that food.

11. Eating regularly

It is better to eat 6 to 8 small portions every few hours, rather than a big meal of 3x a day. Eating small portions done more often can make the meta process.

Reactions that arise after consuming certain foods are natural, but most are caused by food intolerance rather than by allergies. Nevertheless, the symptoms are almost the same as people often misidentify them.

Food allergy is less than anticipated, it is estimated that only 0.1-5 percent of the population suffer from this allergy. Food allergies occur due to the reaction of the immune system that affects some organs in the body.

If you suffer from food allergies, even after being eaten in small quantities, the reaction will immediately arise. If the affected is the digestive system, the symptoms can be nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. It can also be a rash or itching if the affected is skin.

A life-threatening allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis, as it causes respiratory disorders and makes blood pressure very low.

Meanwhile, food intolerance usually arises gradually and does not involve the immune system. If you only suffer from food intolerance, you can still consume a small amount of food without your reaction. Patients with food intolerance can also do reaction prevention. 

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