I want to increase my weight, how much should I eat?

I want to increase my weight, how much should I eat?

■ First of all,

The standard body weight is dependent on the height and means the optimal body weight to maintain health. The method to calculate is the square of the height (m: meters) multiplied by 22 for men and 21 for women. Generally, the daily energy intake is calculated based on the standard weight.

Male, Female Standard Weight Table Key 150: Female 47.3 Male 49.5, Height 155: Female 50.5 Male 52.9, Height 160: Female 53.8 Male 56.3, Height 165: Female 57.2 Male 59.9, Height 170: Female 60.7 Male 63.6, Height 175: Female 64.3 Men 67.4, Height 180: Women 68.0 Men 71.3, Height 185: Women 71.9 Men 75.3

■ Daily calorie needs that can vary depending on activity
(Service, sales, and manufacturing) Housewives with young children = 30 to 35, stronger (more than 30 to 35), low-income households Activities: Activities with a lot of activity (agriculture, fisheries, construction, livestock industry) = 35 ~ 40, very strong activities: farming, forestry,

The energy required per day may vary depending on the amount of activity, which is divided into mild activity, moderate activity, strong activity, and very strong activity. People who usually do light activity multiply the standard (kg) by 25 to 30 calories (kcal) to calculate the daily requirement, and those who are doing very strong activities multiply by more than 40 calories (kcal). Therefore, even if you have the same weight, the daily calorie may vary by more than 300 ~ 500kcal per day depending on the amount of activity.

Daily calorie intake for weight gain
The theory is that you need to increase 7,000 calories for a 1 kg weight gain. Like sudden weight loss, sudden weight gain can be overwhelming, so we recommend an increase of about 0.5kg a week. 0.5kg should increase 3500 calories, so you should calorie about 500 calories per day to calculate your daily intake.

However, if you do not exercise at this time, if you increase the calories intake, fat-centered weight may increase, so it is better to do the appropriate exercise. On the other hand, if the exercise is too much, the amount of calories to be consumed may be too high to increase the rate of weight gain. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the intake by considering the calories consumed by exercise.

Calculation Calculation Example for Weight Gain, Height 174cm Weight 61kg, Clerks Male (Light Activity), Weight Target 0.5kg per week, increase 500 calories per day. Calories = 2000 Calories, Activity Energy Consumption = 200 calories consumed, 200 calories consumed more energy per activity = -200 In the standard body: 1,74x1.74x22 = 66.2kg, Calorie intake per day = 2700 calories per day, 700 calories per day (700 calories) from the amount of calories consumed per day (200 calories), 500 calories per day needed = 2500 calories

■ Precautions for increasing weight

Even if the percentage of body fat in the body is too low, problems such as health problems or infertility may occur
I will. It is said that it does not increase weight because it is dry constitution, but it is because most of the reason is low calorie consumption or high activity and high calorie consumption. The reason for the lack of calorie intake is that you can not eat a lot at a time, or take a low calorie diet and eat a lot of meals. However, if you increase the intake at the same time to increase your weight quickly, you may suffer from digestive problems, abdominal bloating, etc., so you should gradually increase your intake. In order to increase the calorie intake, foods that are high in calorie density such as chocolate bars, ice cream, high fat meats, and ramen may cause unexpected diabetes or hyperlipemia due to excessive intake of saturated fat and sugar. . Therefore, it is better to eat calorie three times and eat healthy enough to include sufficient amount of protein and fat (mainly unsaturated fat) in the composition of the meal.

■ Exercise and eating recommendations when increasing weight

● Increase muscles and body fat with proper exercise

● Gradually increase the amount of food

● Excessive sugar and bad fat (saturated fat, trans fat)

● Keep good fat (unsaturated fat) and protein intake constant

● Evenly intake of nutrients through diverse food groups
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