How to lose weight & Reduce fat fast just only 2 weeks. !!@!!Lose Weight Short Formula 2019!!@!!

How to lose weight & Reduce fat fast just only 2 weeks. !!@!!Lose Weight Short Formula 2019!!@!!

London (Newsdesk) Sometimes we need easy and easy-to-use formulas to lose weight, which is also easy because you are soon participating in an opportunity where you want slim and smart look. The following diet is designed for people who want to lose weight at a short time, and it is also recommended by the doctors. By using it you can reduce weight in one week before your operation. This is a chemical diet that means there are ingredients that help in reducing weight and react together. If you are following it, we can reduce weight of 6kg a week and we will not increase weight on more foods and if you plan to complete and complete your health, this diet can give you a good start. When a friend of our past gave us this day, we experienced it and saw it work. But a warning, which would seem to be very difficult and very crazy on the eggs, but if you continue it, then it will tell you to get immediate results.

How to lose weight & Reduce fat fast just only 2 weeks. !!@!!Lose Weight Short Formula 2019!!@!!

If you use this diet a week, break at least two weeks before you start it.
No drinks are allowed.

* Everything else is forbidden except for things written.
* No alternative diet.
* Use of milk and fat is prohibited.
* Let's say something to eat.

In addition to tea, coffee lime tea, grapefruit juice tank water and soda plus nothing other than normal water that will reduce your hunger.
* In addition to eating vegetables, leaves of salads and nothing else, eat nothing.
* Exhaust all kinds of chains.

If you are ready, God Almighty will help you present a seven-day diet plan.

First Day

In the morning, with a sweet bread bread of a hundred and a half meal of tomato. Take the fruits of fresh fruit salad in the lunch. Eat as much as you want, but do not eat in the same seat.

Two boiled egg salads and grapes in the dinner. Remember that this is the first day of the day, but it will be easier to go ahead.

Second day

Breakfast in Chakrata and a boiled egg lunch with lentil meat mushroom salad. The snack and the salad in the dinner. Now you feel better than yesterday.

The third day:

Breakfast in the breakfast and a nutmeg, while lunching in lunch, eggs and tomato dinner lunch. Elegant and dry.

Fourth day

In breakfast, in a slice and 2 egg lunch, fresh fruit salads eat any fruit whichever you eat. Solid stems in dinner, with eggs, two diamond salads and grapes.

5th day:

One hundred slices and two boiled eggs. Eat two boiled eggs with tomatoes in lunch while accompanied by fresh or tan-packed fish salad in dinner.

Sixth day:

Eat a glass dining at a boiled egg breakfast. While refreshing fresh fruit salads in the lunch and roast chicken cabbage leaves and carrots at night.

Seventh day:

In the breakfast I have two eggs and tomatoes, while lunch and eggs in lunch. Cutting meat and salad in dinner.

how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks 10 kg

After a week's meal, you need to take a break for 7 days and you can repeat the weekly cafe "storm". Every week it is necessary to refuse saline and sweet products and is not necessary to drink at least one fat waist cafeteria.

How to lose weight & Reduce fat fast just only 2 weeks. !!@!!Lose Weight Short Formula 2019!!@!! 

Cook 5-6 potatoes in the day and eat during the day, wash with yogurt.

On the other day - cook 150 gms of pepper and eat from the mouth, wash with a cleaner.

On the third day - The low fat meat (150 g) pair is divided into the part, it is cleaned with cauliflower.

Day four - boiled fish (150-200 g.), Wash with yogurt.

Day Five - Only fruits (apples, pearls, tigers), which are consumed with yogurt.

Day is one of the six difficulties. Just to drink cafes.

Day seven is the most "cruel" day. Be sure to get mineral water without gas or pure water.

To get out of such severe diet, gradually increase the amount of food, not more than 150 grams a day. During diet, strong hunger is allowed with salt "small" attacks (three to four per day), Mumbai (not exceeding 30 grams per day) with "attacks".

how to lose weight really fast in 2 weeks?

Cabbage Diet Minerals 10 Kg

How to lose weight & Reduce fat fast just only 2 weeks. !!@!!Lose Weight Short Formula 2019!!@!!
Nutritionists have determined that when cabbage enters the component, it has the property of a particular substance - enzymes. They enable stomach eating.

This means that we do not try to digest food - useful energy remains for other, more important things.

Cabbage flowers can be attributed to the fact that it can slow down the development of cancer tumor. And the menu of cabbage helps adjust the kidney and liver work.

Menu cabbage food for 10 days
Every day, follow the nutrition for weight loss, and you will lose extra pounds in just 10 days.


1 glass of green tea without sugar


Fresh cabbage, gray on a middle gray and put juice, half lime or a pair with olive oil.

Fish - 200 g (or boiled chicken)


Fresh cabbage, thin kitty and sprinkled with olive or corn oil

1 fruit of your choice (except grapes and bananas), boiled egg coal

Two hours ago dinner before bed time

1 cup cafe with zero fat content

Cabbage diet alternatives
Instead of cabbage salads it's cabbage soup. Similarly he prepares.

Cabbage Fresh Cutting - 500 g

Seal - 4 stems

Onions - 5 pieces

Carrot - 5 Pieces

Bulgarian peppers of any color - 2 pieces

Medium size tomato - 2 pieces

All these products require washing, pieces (Carrots can be turned off) and emerging. Throw olive oil spoon in a soup 5 minutes before the end of the cooking. But the salt is not important: it maintains weight at the same level before the value of liquidity and weight loss in the body.

What can not be done with cabbage food?

Alcohol drinks are prohibited (they are too high in calories), can not be thrown into sugar vessels, it is impossible to eat the dough, you can not eat more food in sugar. Clean the weight and the body happily and efficiently! Two cabbage foods will be nice to you.

I want to lose 10 kilograms - Wish is quite possible, the main thing is not to hurt my stomach and health generally. All of the above are for those who have a healthy, minor occupation, excluding the pathways of the gastritis and the ulcer route of the restaurants.
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