Healthy Weight Gain Tips for Kids

Healthy Weight Gain Tips for Kids
Gain weight
Food to gain weight
Supplements for weight gain
On all the topics of childhood obesity epidemic, many parents may be surprised that some people have to ask for tips for gaining weight.

It is easy to gain weight. Do everything that experts have advised. Don't worry when you are overweight. Of course, that doesn't really work. One is that children with weight gain problems usually don't eat because they have no appetite. And eating or eating something that you just want to gain weight does not always result in health.

Gain weight
Many parents do not like to eat as much as their own children, but it may not actually be a problem unless you are actually gaining weight. If your child is thin and eats too much junk food, encourage a healthy diet and drink multivitamins if you really think you are missing important nutrients.

Children who are truly needed to gain weight include those who are underweight, children with chronic conditions that require a special diet, and, most commonly, those who have medications that may interfere with their appetite. Will be

Weight gaining is particularly problematic for children taking stimulants such as Adderall XR, Concerta, and Vyvanse, even after adjusting their dosages or changing medications.

For general reasons for healthy weight gain, whatever the reason,

Do not skip meals
Considering eating 4 to 5 small meals a day instead of 3 meals, children are likely not to eat anyway
Encourage 1-2 healthy snacks daily
Avoid low-nutrient, energy-dense foods, such as junk foods that contain open calories such as candies, chips and soft drinks
As well as eating high-calorie high-nutrients, energy-dense foods, it also has whole milk, vitamins such as peanut butter, minerals, and other nutrients.
Avoid low energy or non energy drinks such as diet soda and fruit drinks
You want to limit your drink to mealtime so your children are not full and eat more food
Consult a registered dietitian for additional assistance. Especially if your child is causing malabsorption or underweight

Most importantly, we recommend that your child eat when their stomach is empty. And if you are not hungry for a certain period of time, try to eat at least something rather than skip the meal completely.

Food to gain weight
Generally, while your child wants to gain weight to eat high calorie foods, these must be health foods with high nutrients or high nutrient density, high energy density, just with junk food It must be done. So you want to put in a small package food with a good amount of protein, fat and other nutrients:

Whole milk or 2% milk
Fried egg
peanut butter
Whole milked cereal
Orange juice
Trail mix with dried fruits, seeds and nuts
You may want to make a list of the foods your child actually wants to eat and try to find a more nutritious, energy-dense version of those foods. This must include fruits and vegetables, and different foods of all food groups.

Supplements for weight gain
Nutritionists generally do not recommend giving weight gain supplements to children, but often include adding less concentrated foods to certain other foods, etc.

Powdered milk
Wheat germ
peanut butter
Instant breakfast mix
sour cream
Salad dressing
For example, adding 1 to 2 cups of milk powder to 8 ounces of whole milk (150 calories) can add 30 to 60 calories to your child's milk. Or you can add a packet of Carnation Breakfast Essentials to the whole milk and add an additional 130 calories to the milk for a total of 280 calories.

For some recipes, such as making puddings and oatmeal, you can even replace powdered milk with water.

Or you can add cheese to your child's favorite food and increase it by about 60 calories.

Even bananas can get a boost of calories by adding a tablespoon of peanut butter to give your child an extra 100 calories for this snack.

Note that many of these tips for gaining weight are usually not necessary for toddlers who eat only one meal a day. Many infants and some infants may only have a good meal once a day, and then they can only choose from other meals, so it may be developmentally normal at this age. The diet of this type of infant is usually normal as long as your child is overweight in milk and juice and is gaining weight.
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