Girls and puberty

Girls and puberty?
The most generous period in each person's life is puberty. Turbulent transition from child to adult we all remember, just like the confused feelings with which each of us more or less had to fight.

Although our perception of ourselves from this period would certainly have differed from the fact that our parents who had to live with us and survive with us, today, as adults and parents, we are again caught up in the changes that our children are experiencing and who always come "Too soon".

However, the modern way of life has really affected children entering puberty a lot earlier than before, and our fears and anxieties are sometimes not so unjustified. Especially when it comes to girls, small princesses who until yesterday were ballerins preoccupied with their pink world, and today they pretend to be adults and tend to be as close as adults.

Little girl

The first signs of puberty
Namely, girls are actually entering puberty earlier than boys, mostly around the age of ten. Often the first signs begin to occur between the ninth and eleventh, and the first secondary sexual feature is breast augmentation, as well as the appearance of pubic hair. Accelerated body growth and development, glandular maturation and the onset of fat tissue formation.

Yes, your little girl turns into a girlfriend. In this period, in our region, mostly around the age of 12, there is also the first monthly, which is often initially irregular and it takes some time for the cycles to stabilize. At the same time, the work of the sebaceous glands is enhanced, and the result is increased sweating, oily skin and hair, and the appearance of all the ghastly pimples.

It is not surprising that all are listed responsible for real chaos in children's feelings and in parents whose role is precisely in this life period of crucial importance. To deal with these changes, the child is not at all easy, and at that moment the main preoccupation becomes a personal appearance that can dangerously shake the child's confidence, whether in puberty it is among the first or the last.

Group affiliation is more important than parental authority
During this period, the girl focuses his position among peers, suddenly there is a strong need for group affiliation and affirmation, and idols become actors, singers ... Conflicts with parents are often a more inclusive model of behavior, and it is necessary to provide wise parental support - understand with by which your girlfriend must wear and talk to her about "her new", provide warmth and support, but also set firm boundaries and rules of behavior. Easy to write ...
My little girl ...

Yes, it is true that parents today face much puberty earlier than before, and that the world imposes values ​​that make it more difficult to react in the right way. According to research, girls between the ages of nine and twelve most often show signs and desires for (premature) entry into the adult world.

External pressure and the need to be more like their media semi-idolized idols, create real images of smiling girls dressed in clothing appropriate to adults. Because, as soon as you look up, you are more popular. Unfortunately, this is a reality in which parents must react very seriously and in time to protect their girl from such wrong values. Clearly set rules that do not disturb the dignity of a child, but give it knowledge of where the borders are, are immeasurably important at that age.

Do not be a parent who will kneel before convincing her "young ladies" that all her friends wear a pair of shingles and may stay outdoors and when the darkness falls. Do not start thinking that decolted t-shirts and make-up are ok because some of her friends really look so. Do not cling to the charges that you are old-fashioned and that you have run out of time when you oppose facebook self-portraits, twitter, and other channels "all of them have."
She is confused ... and she needs you.
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