How can you Avoid yourself fast from Dangerous Diseases. !!@!!Some Secrets Mentioned in this Article 2019!!@!!

How can you Avoid yourself fast from Dangerous Diseases. !!@!!Some Secrets Mentioned in this Article 2019!!@!!

How can you Avoid yourself fast from Dangerous Diseases. !!@!!Some Secrets Mentioned in this Article 2019!!@!!

Today, the experts and scientists all over the world are convinced that fasting is a useful way to destroy human health and to facilitate restoration of physical systems .Moreover, the stomach problem is solved and heartbeat gets normal. It is also useful for ending sugar, gas, blood pressure, gas and many other diseases.
Until some time before medical science, it was believed that the digestive system only gets relief, but as soon as medical science is aware of the fact that the fasting development of this fact of development is a wonderful medical miracle.

During fasting, various physical systems and physical organs tend to be relaxed, which is useful for them .Using a unique balance of blood during brain, which indicates a healthy nervous system.

The human body provides a lot of benefits through fasting. During the day, the drainage of drainage is balanced. In the past, stem cells and moisture cells move to rest.

Food groove provides relief in fasting, during the fasting, there is a renewable energy and freshness that causes increased immunity against diseases.

The main effect is to maintain the balance between the inner fluids of the cells. Epithelial cells that are responsible for the rectangular fluid of the body, they also get relief and increase their health. .

The liver is an important component of our body. It is more important than eating the digestive fluid. Due to the rays, the liver gets four to six hours, otherwise the amount of extra amount is also available. If the liver is inserted, the liver is immediately processed.

The difficult tasks of liver are to maintain a balance which is between non-digestive food and dissolved food, or it has to be stored in every form or after the digestive process of bleeding. Have to be monitored.

Due to fasting, liver energy is largely released from the process of storing food .Kone is made in the bone of the bone .It provides the liver to the body of the body .It is like eating nutrients in the blood during fasting At the lowest level, the bones automatically lead to pulp, and it becomes bloody and more bloody. This means that the weak and the lagar lobe which is in the dark condition and the pale face Due to the reason ... they can fasten by activating the bone of the bones inside themselves.

Our heart boasts every moment in 24 hours and its ritual is the lifetime of our life. 
It also gets relief during the day, because heart failure stays at low levels due to the diastolic pressure fasting. The muscles are in a state of relaxation. During a month of Ramadan, there is a positive effect on blood and protects humans from many complexities.

If there are several types of blood in the blood, do not dissolve the blood of the blood, then weaken the blood vessels. While fasting, there are many particles in the blood that may have been bleeded from sunrise till fasting. This does not have fat or other ingredients on the walls of the birds. The leaves and the trees are protected from shrinking.

Arteriosclerosis is becoming a dangerous disease today.
Blood diseases are hardened in this disease. It also protects the person from this disorder.
The kidneys which are considered as part of the blood are also used to relax during the fasting. Thus the body of these vital organs also restores the blessings of fasting.
Fast Sugar Moderates in Level, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure.
Stress removes excessive psychological disorders and eliminates most of the psychiatrists .Chronic sexual activity increases the process of becoming blood in the body, and the body becomes stronger. Most people cause extravagance and extravagance of acne.
Fasting also causes brain cells to be saved from dry matter, which often affects many psychiatrists in the disease, but it enhances human capabilities by stabilizing mental abilities.

It should be remembered that the above may only be possible when we use simple foods in arthritis. We have been used to cultivate sage and poultry fried items, such as samos, pancakes, turtles, etc. during infancy. The spiritual purpose of fasting is tremendous, due to this lack of food, many benefits of physical reactions are also pleasing, but the stomach becomes worse.

Therefore, rather than collecting the world's things on fasting, it should be done by eating fruits, palm or honey, instead of collecting the items of the world, and then after completing the prayer, it should be done further. Drink water in milk or any drinks once more Use the amount of time instead of using it.
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