The World Health Organization's new report, How Exercise Get sickness away. !!@!! Important Article 2019!!@!!

The World Health Organization's new report, How Exercise Get sickness away. !!@!! Important Article 2019!!@!!

In the World Health Organization's new report, the doctors have warned that 1.4 billion people in the world are pushing themselves into extremely dangerous diseases due to lack of proper exercise.

According to the World Health Organization report, people of developed countries are enjoying a comfortable, lazy and luxurious life. In such countries, one third women and a quarter of men have taken themselves to such dangerous situations, where hazards such as heart attacks, depression and cancer are found more.

According to research published in an international health journal, "inactive physical activities are taking people to such ailments, which do not move from one to another, which are called English non-communicable diseases. Goes away Negative effects of non-exercise affect the mental health and quality of life. '

The World Health Organization's new report, How Exercise Get sickness away. !!@!! Important Article 2019!!@!!

Exercise Get sickness away?

The World Health Organization advised adults who have been sitting in offices or working in a very comfortable environment 'moderate exercise' at least forty-five minutes each week. It includes lightning, swimming or cycling. If these exercises are strictly done then their duration should be at least 75 minutes per week.

In this study, figures from 19 million out of 168 countries around the world have been added since 2016. According to researchers, since 2001, there has been no improvement in the physical activity of human beings. Dr. Regina Gothheld, who is involved in this research, says that currently one quarter of the world's adult (1.4 billion people) are inadequate or are very less exercised.

According to this research, there is a clear difference in the tendency to exercise in poor and wealthy nations. Similarly, there is a difference between women and men's life style. The risk of such diseases in the rich countries of India is twice as high as poor countries.

According to Regina Gothheld, people in rich countries spend more time under the roof, office hours are too long, access to more nutritional food is easy, and they also do the work in which the need for physical exercise decreases. Is. That's why those who do not work in these countries are more likely to suffer from deadly diseases.

Every kind of sitting is not a bit

So different types of seating patterns are different. But according to scientists, there are no implicit effects on the chair sitting at the office sitting in the office, watching TV by sitting on the sofa in the house. Situated permanently, there has been a deep connection between TV viewing and pre-death death, type-up depression and heart disease.

Sit down, let's go

Scientists say that sitting on a permanent seat increases the risk of death due to permanent death. According to researchers, it can improve many issues if a person is sitting for less than 30 minutes in a seat. According to experts, a 5-minute walk or movement is necessary after sitting for 30 minutes.

Is there a new style of smoking to sit?

Sitting in recent years has been termed 'no smoking cigarette' due to serious medical losses. Although all scientists do not agree that it should be considered as abusive health like smoking. However, it is said that there is a clear connection between the condition of cold-tempered circular, headache, heart disease, and depression.

Increase in weakness

According to the scientific report, those women who sit for longer, become physically weak. That means, such women need more time to get out of any disease or fill a wound. However, researchers say that physical harm can be eliminated. But there is a movement for it.

Standing table

People working in offices work in front of a long time table. However, such office tables are now being introduced, which can also be used to stand and work. However, researchers say that standing at one place does not cost much energy, so this prescription is not even more useful.

Let's get up now

The less time you sit, the better your health. According to the health experts, it is important to increase the heart rate for better health, which is possible to move. According to the World Health Organization, a weekly and a half-minute general exercise or 75 minutes of hard physical health is essential for healthy life, on weekly basis.

Glutton freight ??
The Gutton Free Diet initially appeared to those who were suffering from diseases in the celiac disease. Recently, many people are attending the Diet, which include sailibles like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, and both of them have confirmed that it's very helpful in reducing weight.

What is the glutton?

Gutton is a substance that is like protein. This is especially due to odor and which is in large quantities, actually due to bread and softness in bread or double bread comes from gluten. It is true that every diet contains vitamins, calcium and minerals, but some foods may be harmful rather than the benefit. For example, if some people suffer from dairy products, they eat a mud or a fish complaining on the body. These nutritious foods are not defective, but different types of dizziness can occur when the body or stomach can not accept these nutrients. Similarly, some people complain of allergic nutrients. Actually these guys do not dig the glutton. This illness can also be inherited, that can be transferred from one generation to another generation.

Gastronomy can lead to diseases such as ultra and nausea, stomach and severe pain, occupation, hair loss, blood loss (anemia), diarrhea, small intestinal infection and weight loss. Gone caused by gluten is one of the hundred, but it is more carefully treated.


* People who do not have gluten digestive should approach their doctor and set up their gluten-free chart.

* Pre-prepared food available in the market should be avoided.

* Should be careful in eating food issues.

* Should be used to store fresh foods and stored vegetables available in the market.

* Do not have to use malaria and salad from junk food.

* Well, there is more gluten in the flour and its items, so that the pizza, double bread, cake, biscuit, pasta, and pastries etc. should not be included in the diet.

* Guaranteed instructions should be readily read on packaged food boxes.

What is the glutton freight?

Our diet involves wheat and whatever, which gives us large amounts of starch, but if we are not eating these foods due to gluten, then we have to take care that we have to eat wheat and egg grain. Use alternative nutrients to avoid full nutrition. Well, there are gluten-free foods and products available in the market, but these are very expensive, so you should try to make gluten-free foods from the items in the house. Although gluten free flour is hard to cook biscuits and bread because it does not cause elasticity due to lack of gluten, so it can be used by making the best biscuit by using flour, ararut and rice flour.

Alternatives of wheat may also be millet, corn and rice flour, which can be made without drinking, bread or nutrients. Similarly, bread, bread or pan cake can be prepared from basin flour. Furthermore, the maximum use of eggs, milk, butter and dairy products, protein needs can be met. Libraries, dry fruits, seeds, fresh vegetables and fruit can be made from different dishes, which are gluten-free. .

Keep in mind that if you are making gluten-free food, do not use the utensils and machines used for it for the preparation of other foods. Reddy tok and refined food should be used at least.

More tips for Glutton Free Diet

* Enjoy rice or corn instead of traditional grains.

* Use rice and potato foods to keep you healthy enough.

* To complete your hunger, tray the gluten-free pasta.

* The pop user also has a great selection.

* Tune the cakes and chips made with corn and rice with a variety of dips.

* If you miss cake and cookies, you should take a heart out of Candy.

* Mash mills and hard candy are often gluten-free.

* Nearby Bakery, maybe there are gluten-free cakes and pistols available.

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