Everyone knows that you need to eat less and exercise a lot to lose weight. It is difficult to just practice.

Everyone knows that you need to eat less and exercise a lot to lose weight. It is difficult to just practice.

For those who are worried about it, the Daily Mail of the British daily published "50 ways to lose weight more easily" on Tuesday (local time).

1. Calculation of daily calorie intake.

2. Using electro acupuncture once a week. Electro acupuncture can save 4.5kg in 3 months.

3. Sprinkle cinnamon powder every day on yogurt. Cinnamon flavor activates metabolism and burns fat.

4. Stay away from your desk during lunch. People who work and eat more than 250 calories a day accumulate more than others.

5. Funny. If you smile brightly for 10 to 15 minutes, you can consume 280 calories.

6. If you drink a cup of carrot juice every day, you can lose 1.8kg in 3 months.

7. Eat calcium supplements. People who ingest a supplement can take up 2.6% more fat.

8. If you want to get rid of more calories, listen to music while you exercise. This also helps prevent fatigue.

9. Eat red meat. Red meat contains a lot of protein, which is good for maintaining muscle mass.

10. Do not exercise alone. With a friend, you can lose 3 times more weight than when you are alone.

11. Eat red peppers. Capsaicin in pepper raises metabolic rate to 25%.

12. Workplace stress is the biggest cause of overeating. Breathe in for 2 minutes before sold out.

13. Morning exercise burns fat faster.

14. Take 250 calories of protein during meals. If you eat protein such as 185g of canned chicken breast or tuna, you can lose 30% more weight.

15. Turn off the TV when you eat. Watching TV while eating is distracting and difficult to control the amount.

16. Sprinkle a little soy sauce on the food. According to the researchers, the liver and protein interact with each other and transmit fullness to our brain.

17. Cut food and eat 20% less calories.

18. Challenge monotonous exercise. Treadmills are the best fitness equipment to burn the most calories in a short time.

19. Let's eat melon filled with eggs and vitamins for breakfast. Eggs break down carbohydrates in melons.

20. A glass of red wine prevents fat accumulation. Especially, help the ship not come out.

21. Let's listen to classical music when dining. When you listen to loud music, you can relax your body and stop eating when you feel full.

22. After meal, chew sugar-free gum for 15 minutes. This can prevent the ingestion of high calorie desserts.

23. Promote sex life. 20 minutes of sex consumes 150 calories and helps muscle growth.

24. Eat the pomegranate. Pomegranate oil reduces the amount of fat accumulated in the body.

25. Eat the meat and eat it. During the roasting, the fat of the meat is burned.

26. Enjoy green tea. Caffeine in green tea activates fat oxidation and increases metabolism up to 20%.

27. Eat beans. The beans prevent fat accumulation and help carbohydrates be used as energy.

28. Spinach is the most popular among green leaf plants. Spinach contains twice as much fiber, which leads the body to treat fat effectively.

29. Replace regular cheese with goat cheese. Goat cheese made from sheep milk has 40% fewer calories than regular cheese.

30. If you want to lose 7kg in 10 weeks, add the eagle to the moxie. Amylose is rich in amino acids and burns fat quickly.

31. 'Good' fat removes fat. Eggs, "walnuts" and "good" fats can prevent the risk of heart disease.

32. Drink beets in juice. Bite fiber lasts for a long time.

33. Do not cross the morning. People who do not eat breakfast eat an average of 100 more calories a day than those who take them.

34. Salad vegetable Borage seed oil daily intake. Eighty percent of those who took the oil had weight loss.

35. Eat apples 15 minutes before meals. People who take apples before dinner eat less on average 187 calories.

36. Dress the salad with olive oil. A good fatty acid in olive oil gives a signal to the body that it is eating and prevents overeating.

37. Sandwiches with sliced ​​tomatoes last a long-term feeling and soak up the desire of dessert after eating. Tomato suppresses the hunger "ghrelin" hormone.

38. Allow up to three hours between meals. A regular meal does not cause a malfunction of the metabolism.

39. Eat pineapple. Pineapple not only stimulates metabolism but also helps consume protein.

40. Eat bread containing lupine seeds. The lupine seeds are rich in fiber, which keeps them feeling full.

41. Add paprika to the dish. In red paprika, vitamin C is six times more than tomato, converting fat to energy.

42. Add the food with vinegar. Acetylic acid of vinegar increases fat burning rate.

43. Meals at the table. You can consume less than a third of your calorie than you eat while you move.

44. Eat blue con tortilla chips. Tortilla chips are 50% lower in fat than other chips and the sugar gradually penetrates into the blood. It also slows the rate at which insulin regulates and fats.

45. Eat with many people. Dinner with your girlfriend can reduce your calories by 35%.

46. ​​Do not get close to food that has not grown, moved, or swammed. Artificial food is not good for health.

47. When you walk after exercise, the enzyme that fades is active. If you sit for a long time after exercising, this enzyme stops its activity.

48. Take the daily complex linoleic acid pill. This acid, found in red meat and dairy products, slows the rate of fat cell growth.

49. Do not drink energy drinks. The energy of this drink quickly spreads in the body to make fat.
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