With the help of specialists from the Pediatric Service of the University Hospital of La Ribera, we offer children healthy and strong tips for growth. It is very important that soon the youngest adopt the best health habits in terms of food, dental hygiene, physical exercise or sleep and rest. Childhood obesity is increasingly evident as one of the most common problems among children and adolescents today. The main causes of weight problems and childhood obesity usually reside in poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore it is very important children health and strong tips for growth children to increase the consumption of:

1.- Vegetables (2-3 daily servings)

2.- Fruits (2 pieces per day)

3.- Fish (2-3 times per week).

Experts state that children between 5 and 15 have a need for hours of sleep that ranges between 9 and 10 hours. It is essential for  children health and strong tips for growth is that minors respect a series of routines, such as favoring a relaxing environment in the hours leading up to sleep, avoiding drinks with caffeine, and that parents transmit determination regarding sleep schedules.

It is advisable children health and strong tips for growth to brush the mouth immediately after meals and even before eating food to reduce the action of bacteria. Likewise, specialists point out that in children, brushing before bedtime is the most important. In addition, the realization of a weekly rinse with fluoride always after brushing contributes significantly to the reduction of oral disease more frequent in children, such as caries.

Regarding the summer, it is necessary to avoid the sun exposure of babies under 6 months as well as the use of sunscreen. They should remain in the shade with clothes that protect them.

In the rest of ages it is advisable  for children health and strong tips for growth to use a shirt and hat to protect the skin and sunglasses for the eyes, offering plenty of water and thus avoid dehydration. Regarding sun cream experts recommend always use factor 15 or higher. It should be applied every 2-3 hours, after sweating a lot or bathing.

If you want to know more about these and other children's councils, take a look also at the following health advice. In it, Dr. Elena Gastaldo, the Head of Pediatrics, tells you everything so that your children grow up healthy and strong. Do not miss it!

The growth of children from birth to adolescence how children grow.

Some parents feel that their child is short. When do you have to start worrying about the height of the child and when to go to the doctor? The short stature in children, who are otherwise healthy, is usually a problem related to the delay in the growth rate. They are the "tardy" children who develop 2 or 3 years later than their peers and reach a normal size at 18 years of age. Only short stature should be used in cases that do not reach a percentile 3 maintained over a period of several years of follow-up (the normal percentile varies from 3 to 97).

What does the size of the children depend on?
Mainly of the family size, more specifically of the parents, although it also depends on a multitude of other factors. The feeding, the presence of genetic alterations, in particular of the hormonal deficits of growth, and of concomitant diseases during the periods of the "growth spurt". Any severe illness, as well as stress or emotional trauma can have an adverse effect on the growth of children.

How is it diagnosed that a child does not grow as it would correspond to his age?
The normal growth of Spanish children is reflected in the growth tables resulting from the study of the average of Spanish children, according to age. These measurements set limits of normality, which vary between a minimum and a maximum. It is considered short stature when the child has a size below 97 percent of Spanish children, but especially when that size stagnates during a period of time that can be 2 years.

What can parents do to promote proper growth in their child?

Children health and strong tips for growth is Simply keep an eye on your diet, and provide a healthy life, with physical activities and sports. During the medical check-ups, the pediatricians, thanks to the charts and growth charts established by the WHO, will monitor and determine when a child is short, and act accordingly.

Is there any reality in children having "growth fever"? Is rest or sleep related to growth?
Growth never causes fever because it is a continuous activity throughout the first 18 years of life. Fever is a defense mechanism against other types of diseases. It is a well-known fact that during the time when a child is in bed due to illness, a temporary acceleration of growth occurs, and mothers often say that the child has "stretched". Most of the cellular activity that produces growth takes place in the resting night phase. In contrast there are studies on weight-bearing athletes, such as weightlifting children, who have a lower height of their growth plates, which translates into a lower rate of cell multiplication.

What kind of treatment is used today to stimulate the growth of children?

children health and strong tips for growth  with short stature, but who have sustained growth, should not be treated. For cases of pathological low sizes we must treat the cause that produces it. Feeding deficits, hormonal deficits (thyroid hormones, growth ...) are treated or the underlying disease that produces short stature is treated. Once the deficit is corrected, growth hormone can be administered to produce a faster gain of lost height. It is a treatment administered only under medical supervision, and controlled by the Ministry of Health. It is administered under strict medical controls, with very specific protocols, due to its potential side effects when used incorrectly.
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