Medical Researcher Found Children Diseases Cause !!@!! Specially Parents Read Article!!@!!

Medical Researcher Found Children Diseases Cause !!@!! Specially Parents Read Article!!@!!

Health is a blessing and nutritional food and exercise are essential to stay healthy. It does not mean that nutritious foods and peppers and pepper masks are eaten dishes and gours, but are clean and simple foods prepared according to the principles of balanced and hygiene. Who does not know that more oil and pepper are spicy for spinal health, and so much use of zinc food is also very dangerous for health. Medical experts and researchers have been warning people in this regard, and various reports we read and listen about the dangerous diseases arise.

Medical researchers say that due to zinc food, various mental and physical diseases, including obesity, heart diseases, are spreading rapidly, and the need to awareness and consciousness has increased many times earlier. In addition, people need to be prepared to use clean and nutritious food. In this context, children and youth must approach the use of energy-efficient and balanced diet, but it is found that parents are accustomed to healthy and spicy foods and fast foods, which causes diseases in the body. And other problems are causing.

Medical Researcher Found Children Diseases Cause !!@!! Specially Parents Read Article!!@!!
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It is said that children who get adolescent from their early age become strong, a mother should give healthier food to her child and she does not allow her to be zinc food in lesser temperatures. If the mothers take a little time and take time to prepare for their children's food, their children can avoid chips, paper-boons, toffee etc. and can be protected from many diseases.

It is not easy to avoid school use of zinc food and non-food items, which is the cause of the environment, such as schoolchildren where there is no permission for zinc food but no one on toffee such as toffee, bubble gum No restriction However, some rules can be made under which children can be protected from the use of zinc food.

Obtain all school parents to make their children as a home lunch and do not keep them in the lunch box out of the box.

* Parents should not be punished for children in a home lunch and no discount will be lost. At the time of admission, the parents should be informed that hardship prevents in school.

* Everybody wants a heartbeat to eat chutter and delicious things. That is why you can make children even in French fries, burgers and various things, but do not give fried items to everyday children, but set them for a day.

* Know your children's loss of zinc foods. These work can also be done by school teachers, and it can take classes, two months later. During this time, be informed of children with untouchable and fried items or zinc foods and how their life can be affected by their use.

* Parents can open their children at once, such as ice cream, burgers or pizza from a standard place in two months. Similarly, other canned items can also be given, but it will have moderation emphasis and other caution will also be required. Just as nothing can be purchased from the shuttle and local brand, but a well-known and standard company manufactured product can be purchased.

* It is a social media era, and therefore, the tendency of children is also high, social media can be used to inform the children's loss of zinc foods, children can show videos such as zinc food. Damage of fruits and vegetable utility when it is clear.

Encouraging non-standard products or fried foods out of the children in the diet, it is important to tell them how healthy, simple and home-made foods are better than junk food and out-of-foods. . If the children ask for fast food, feed burgers, potato chips, and noodles in the house and prepare them for themselves. Also, use vegetable and fruit and apply it to the children.

Healthy Children Survey 2019
Scientists believe that if women use infant food before and after pregnancy, the risk of heart disease can be reduced to newborn children. After an investigation on 19,000 pregnant women and their diet in the United States, there is a link between pregnant women and healthy foods. Fresh food, fruit, dry fruits and vegetables were included in healthy food.

Medical Researcher Found Children Diseases Cause !!@!! Specially Parents Read Article!!@!!

Women who are pregnant or want to be pregnant have already been advised to use specific items. Birth defects suggest to use vacuum in spinal bones, using folic acid and strong vessels and vitamins for teeth. Under the Scheme 'Healthy Opening' by the Government in England, there are retailers available to pregnant women from which they can buy milk and vegetables.

About half of the women involved in research published in the scientific journal 'Archives of Diseases' were suffering from cardiovascular diseases while compared to half women's children. When researchers reviewed women's diet of these two groups, they found that the percentage of birth-hearted diseases in women's use of healthy food was less.

It has come into consideration that one quarter to increase the use of healthy food was the risk of birth-hearted pregnancy in pregnant women's children, less than one-quarter of women's children who used to eat less food. Despite the fact that other factors like, smoking women or less used by folic acid, this difference was clear in both groups.

Pregnant heart diseases are common in children, and nine of the youngest children in the UK suffer from this disease. Some defects such as heart disease do not take immediate treatment because it is likely to be better automatically over time, and it reduces the risk of developing more problems, but other diseases can be serious and dead. Victoria Taylor, senior expertise on the disease's disease, says: "This is an interesting research which enhances the importance of using healthy diet since the beginning of life." As it is evident from this research, healthy food is useful for both mother and child after pregnancy and maternity. Instead, focusing on a specific diet should take care of the whole diet.

Although healthy food is not a complete guarantee of birth-related diseases, it can attract women to the healthy diet trend before pregnancy.

Medical Researcher Found Children Diseases Cause !!@!! Specially Parents Read Article!!@!!
There are also large number of children in Pakistan who do not meet health standards after their birth. The major reason for this is neutral in pregnancy in women during pregnancy. Another major reason is Pakistan's largest class poverty. Women work hard for two-time breadth, they work in fields, schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, homes and even during pregnancy work. The compensation for which their home runs. The Pakistani government is pleased to establish 'Better Life Centers'. Apart from this, there have been steps in government hospitals, but it is inaccessible. The situation of the nursing hospitals is not covered with us, many government hospitals have not yet been inaugurated, and many government hospitals are deprived of basic facilities. Doctors, but some of them exercise regular medicine in practice. Need more steps not only at the level of government, but at college level, students need to adhere to the future sector medicine.

At the same time government government steps are also needed for the better health of pregnant women during the government of Pakistan.

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